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High-end WordPress Development.

Doing weird things with WordPress while dosed up on caffeine.

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This is what we don't do

This pretty theme has been modified for our purposes, but we didn't design it. That's because we specialise in writing code. We find beauty in elegant, well-indented code that functions efficiently (we also don't get many invites to social occasions, but that's entirely coincidental). We leave the pretty icons to people with design skills. We also don't do Search Engine Optimisation, and as you've probably guessed, we don't write copy either.

So what exactly do you do then?

Haycroft Media began in 2006 as a web business that took on anything vaguely web related (including a site involving an animation of a flying dildo - no, really). A gradual realisation that design is not a strong point, Flash is a massive pain in the backside and that its ok to be a geek, aided the company in moving away from flying phalluses and in to the welcoming arms of WordPress where it now resides happily tinkering with plugins, widgets, backend as frontend, WP REST API, XML-RPC API and advanced theme functions.

The vast majority of company time is currently spent as the tech behind a travel payments business in the UK and developing online systems for an artist management company, also UK based. Meanwhile, we're in Cape Town enjoying the stunning scenery and the strength of the GBP against the ZAR. We also sub-contract out, and occasionally work with two fantastic Cape Town media companies. Other than that, we keep our eyes and ears open for plugin ideas, and general WordPress goings-on including doing presentations at WordCamp 2011 and 2012 and general head-nodding and chin-stroking at WordPress blogs and sites written by people who are far cleverer than we are.


Most of the work we undertake is under-the-hood stuff, so linking to sites is akin to someone who developed a revolutionary petrol-cap linking to a picture of the new Ferrari, but potential clients have an annoying tendency to refuse to give us large sums of money with no evidence of any competence whatsover, so here are a few attempts at trying to part you from your tech-budget.

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    Trust My Travel


    95% of trade comes via third party sites making use of a custom API we wrote based on the WordPress XML-RPC API. The site offers live exchange rates both in and out, and performs daily trades on bookings made in foreign payments with its banking partner. Fully automated reporting is provided to members. Integration with Spreedly and Authorize.Net as payment service providers.

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    Earth Agency


    All the exciting bits of this site are in a password protected backend, and we can't allow access to it, so this is largely a pointless exercise, but here goes: extensive post meta, flexible post type classes that allow for "plug and play" addition of further post types. Custom backend that allows for full control over standard WordPress functionality (add, edit, delete posts/pages/taxonomies) carefully integrated into agent's workflow.

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    DHL WP Faithful


    Unless you want to sign up for this, and if you are a Stormers fan, you should, you won't see anything. Even if you do, a lot of the code was developed by the good people at The Firing Squad, but we did some clever bits and pieces behind the scenes. Just be dazzled by the great design, which we had absolutely nothing to do with, and appreciate that if we were hired by people with such good taste, we must be ok.

We are on Twitter

The majority of our tweets are code snippets. If that sounds like your sort of thing, give us a follow. If it doesn't you probably have a proper social life and follow enough people already without needing a load of random code cluttering up your timeline.